Dec 31, 2011

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest

Chocolate Cake - 1
Sugar Syrup - 1 cup
Whipping Cream - 4 cups
Canned Cherries - 500gm
Cornflour -2 to 3tbsp
Compound Chocolate - 250gm(grated /sliced into logs)

3 layers of choco cake
whipped cream n cherry mix

Prepare Eggless/Egg Chocolate cake .Cool it and cut the cake into 3 layers.

Next beat whipped cream,till it reaches soft n fluffy consistency.Keep it in the fridge .

Take out 4-5 cherries from the can and keep aside.(for decoration).

Take a pan,pour out the contents from the cherry can into the pan.(Keep it on low flame.Add 2tbsp of cornflour and mix well for 2 min,it should be in a semi-liquid state.

Now take a platter and keep one layer of chocolate cake.
Moist it with sugar syrup(2-3tbsp) ,then cherry mix and later whipped cream.

Arranging the layers
Between the layers

Place the 2nd layer and follow the same process.Fill in the cherry mix completely.

final 3 layers
On top place the 3rd layer and cover the whole cake with the cream.
Keep this cake into the fridge for 15-20 min .

Take out and garnish(as u want to) with grated chocolate and cherries..

Note:- For those who don't hav much experience in baking cakes..thy can buy Pillsbury choco cake mix..its vry easy to make cake with that..n its vry spongy.

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