Dec 7, 2011

Caramel Pudding

Sugar -1cup
Milk -3cups
Vanilla ess. -1/2 tsp
Eggs - 3
Caramel Pudding


For Caramel - Melt 1/2cup sugar with 1/4th cup water in a heavy bottomed pan,till it turns golden brown in colour.Remove from heat and pour the caramel into a pudding mould. Spread it evenly on the bottom.

In a bowl beat eggs with a hand mixer and add 1 cup sugar and essence.Add milk gradually.

Pour this mix into the pudding mould over the caramel very slowly.Cover this mould with foil very tightly.

In a cooker add water(1 1/2cups),put the grid and place the mould over the grid.Close the cooker,bring it to full pressure on high heat.Reduce heat and cook for 10 min.

Remove cooker from heat and allow to cool.

Open cooker,take out the mould and let it cool on room temp.
Refrigerate the pudding for 1-2hrs.

Take a serving plate/dish and invert the mould ..very gently.

Serve the pudding -CHILLED..njoy guys!!

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