Sep 28, 2012

1 ingredient ICE CREAM

A sweet treat for all.especially Banana lovers...a Guiltfree.Healthy and Quick recipe

Plain banana ice-cream
Adapted from Masterchef Australia,a recipe by Matt Preston

Large (ripe) Bananas - 2 to 3 (sliced )

Method : -

Place banana slices in a tray/plate and freeze them for 2 hours.
In a food blender put these banana slices(you might need to thaw them a little-for easy blending). 
Pulse bananas until you get ice-cream consistency.
(i made plain banana ice-cream as well as chocolate banana ice cream(by adding 2 tsp drinking chcocolate)

Chocolate banana Ice-Cream

My son Njoying -Chocolate Banana Ice-cream

Serve as soon as possible.

  • its better to eat it immediately as it melt very fast.
  • for yogurt banana ice-cream,just add 2 tbsp yogurt and blend together with frozen bananas. 
  • You can reduce the banana after-taste with added honey/melted chocolate/peanut butter....etc(frankly speaking myself n my son found the chocolate flavoured  much much yummier than the plain one)



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