Sep 10, 2012

Kerala Style - Fish Curry

Chef Noushad's recipe - as seen on TV.

Fish(i used Kingfish) - 1/2kg (thick pieces)
Ginger - 1"pc (curshed)
Garlic cloves - 12 (crushed)
Shallots/Onion - 4 shallots/ 2 onions
Kokum - 10gm (soaked in water for 10 min)
Curry Leaves - 2 sprigs
RCP - 2 tsp
Fish Masala - 3 tbsp

Method :-
  • Heat oil,saute onions-garlic-ginger.
  • In a small bowl mix rcp and fish masala and pour little water to combine them properly.
  • When onion turns slightly brown ,pour the masala mix in it.Cook for 5- 10 min.
  • Put fish pcs and cook for 2-3 min.
  • Now add kokum and  water(as required for curry,just enough to cover the fish).
  • Add salt and curry leaves.
  • Cook till fish is done.
Njoy with rice....

Note- Kokum could be replaced with 2 tomatoes.

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