Sep 5, 2012

No Bake Cake...

Yes u heard it right No Bake Cake and i would luv to name it The Biscuit Log ..i bet ur kids r gonna tell u mums- to prepare it every week...wen i was in my teens,one of my family frnd(Mathews Aunty) taught this cake to my mom(secretly i too learned it..but never tried)..Now almost 14yrs later..i tried it for the 1st time on dis vacation wen i was @ my home(Pilani,Rajasthan).Am glad my son luved it so much that he told me to prepare it every day..huh! son tht's nt possible but i did promise him that i'l prepare it atleast once every week :D :) ;) 

Biscuit Cake

                                                The Biscuit Log

Marie Biscuits – 1 pkt
Instant Coffee Powder – 2 tsp
Sugar – 1tsp
Water – ¼ cup   to ½ cup
Aluminium Foil – just enough to wrap a full packet of Marie Biscuit

For chocolate frosting   
Butter – 1/4cup
Cocoa Power – 1/3 cup
Milk – 1/6cup
Powdered Sugar -1.5cups
Vanilla ess.- 1/2tsp

  •    In a pan warm water, add coffee powder and sugar. Remove from flame and pour it in a medium serving bowl. 
  •    Spread the aluminum foil on a kitchen platform. 
  •     Take biscuit and dip it full in the coffee water and take out immediately. Place it on the foil. 
  •      Apply little frosting on this biscuit. Take another biscuit and dip it in coffee water and repeat the whole process till the whole packet of biscuit is finished and arranged into a Log. 
  •   Now apply the remaining chocolate frosting over the biscuit log, cover it fully. 
  •  Wrap  the prepared biscuit cake with foil tightly – in toffee shape. 
  •   Freeze it for 2 – 3 hrs. 
  •      Once its set take out from freezer, open it carefully and cut in lengthwise with a sharp kitchen Knife.(as shown in the last image below)
Frosting – Melt butter in a pan on low flame and add cocoa powder, mix well. Add powdered sugar, milk and vanilla ess and stir well to get a spreading consistency frosting.

Note:- For this particular cake I didn’t use chocolate frosting.I used 1/2cup fresh cream(malai),2 tbsp-cocoa powder and about 3tbsp-powdered sugar.Mixed it and applied on the Log.  

Its ur wish ,u can use any of the above coating for the cake.

Cut lengthwise
After 2 hrs of freezing
Serve chilled  !!!!

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