Jan 30, 2013

Ada / Ela Ada

A  Mouth-watering South Indian delicacy prepared on banana leaf…have it as breakfast or as an evening snack..i prepare this usually on rainy days :) ..vry simple n quick..anybody can make them..it could be made by both  rice flour and wheat flour(aata)..and could be prepared either by steaming or by roasting it on tawa..i like the tawa version :) ..
Steamed version

Tawa roasted version

Rice flour /wheat flour – 2 cups
Coconut (grated) – 1 cup
Gur(Jaggery) – ½ cup(grated)
Dry ginger powder(sonth) – 1 tsp
Jeera(cumin) – 1 tsp
Water – as required
Cardamom Crushed - 1tsp(optional)
 Banana Leaf – 1 big (slice it into 5-6 thick pieces-check image)


  • Clean the sliced banana leaves , dry it using a cloth and keep aside. 
  •   Take a wide bowl and add the flour n little water and mix it using your hands,batter should be pastey(but not watery).{if using rice flour ,use lukewarm water} 
  •   Take another medium bowl ,add grated coconut,gur,dry ginger powder and cumin –mix it with a spoon. 
  •   Take one leaf and put little flour batter on the leaf and spread it using ur hands(image 1). 
  •   Spoon little coconut mixture in half portion of the leaf and overlap the other half on top of it..as shown in the image 2 n 3. 
  •   Prepare all the leafs in the similar way till whole batter n mixture is consumed. 
  • 4
  •   Pour water in the steamer and steam cook these Adas for 15 mins on low-medium heat… or if trying the Tawa roasted method  then,heat a tawa and place one leaf at a time and cover it using a lid(image 4) and cook both sides,till the Ada  gets separated from  leaf.

Serve Hot…Njoy!!!

Nb- 1. Those who don’t like the Jaggery taste they can use Sugar instead..in that case do not add dry ginger powder..
2. If  banana leaves are not available then you can use Aluminum foils.

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