Jan 3, 2011

Easy Sambar Serves-4

Tuvar dal-1 handsfull(washed properly)
Vegetables-cut into cubes(1-Potato,2-Carrot,1-brinjal,Tomato-2,onion-1)
Beans- a few(cut into medium sized logs)
Peas- a few
Sambar Masala-2 tsp
Tamarind pulp-1/2 cup(optional)

Small onion-1(chopped)
Dry red chiilies-3
Hing-1 tsp
mustard seeds
coriander leaves
curry leaves

In a cooker put washed tuvar dal n vegetables,add enough water to cover the vegetables.Pressure cook for 15 minutes or 2 whistles.
Later add tamarind pulp,salt and sambar masala.
Boil for 5-10 min.s

Prepare tempering and pour over the sambar.Mix well and garnish with fresh coriander leaves.
nb:-those who don't like Tamarind,they can add 4 tomatoes instead of 2.

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