May 17, 2012

Easter Hols 2012

This year we planned not to visit any national parks in more animals..need a break from all we headed to TANGA..
The city of Tanga sits on the Indian Ocean, near the border with Kenya.The name Tanga comes from the word for farm or cultivated land in several of the local languages. Tanga gave its name to Tanganyika, literally meaning "Sisal Farm", the territory which in 1964 joined with the island of Zanzibar to form the modern nation of Tanzania.

My Family @ Tanga(Behind Indian Ocean)


Pangani Beach,Tanga

Baobab Trees @ Capricorn beach cottages,Tanga

It was THE BEST holiday we ever had..lots n lots of njoyment..n wat a peaceful place v got to stay at Capricorn Beach Cottages....:) :D
Luv d wavey clouds of d morning sky

Fishing Boat @ Indian ocean

The Queen of Mountains-Mt.Kilimanjaro

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